DoubleHP equine assisted counseling/therapy/psychotherapy (EAGALA)

DoubleHP Program Manager Darci Hortness is a certified EAGALA facilitator (Equine Specialist); she and the horses of DoubleHP partner up with Mental Health Professionals to provide counseling/therapy/psychotherapy.
If you are interested in this type of therapy, please call Darci to discuss (605) 359-0961.
Or if you already have a therapist, have that person call Darci to discuss sessions here with the horses.
If you are a Mental Health Professional interested in joining our team here, please call.

 “The horses of DoubleHP teach us, show us, and remind us about things every single day. Things that are important to all of us as we try to achieve goals, try to figure things out, or simply try to get along safely and happily in life -- at home, at work, in school, on the playing field, in meetings, during sales presentations, in relationships -- as I said . .  in life! My EAGALA certification and my horsemanship & education background help me in the creation, organization, and evaluation of our equine assisted learning sessions and activities; so our horses can do what they do best: Help humans figure things out. Horses are natural teachers, and we can learn a lot from them – about ourselves and about others.”

-        Darci Hortness - DoubleHP Program Manager,  EAGALA certified (Equine Specialist), Official Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 3 Graduate, BA in Education
A main principle in this type of equine assisted learning is that we humans really are quite capable of figuring things out on our own and finding our own solutions to any situations that arise. But sometimes we get stuck! We get bored or overwhelmed. And the horses, being the natural teachers that they are, have this special way of helping us focus. They help us get unstuck. Through their honesty, their nonverbal communication, and their “living in the moment” responses and reactions, they show us things and help us figure things out. They remind us about certain things that help us stay safe, happy, and successful in life.

Call Darci (605) 359-0961 or email

All EAGALA session activities are NON-RIDING activities

No previous horse experience required
Our horses will show you everything you need to know. About life.
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An additional note about the Horses of
There are 17 horses here; 14 of them were rescued by DoubleHP, and many of those were rescued from slaughter and/or severe starvation. Some saw friends and family members starve and freeze to death before they were rescued. Some are big, some are smaller, they are various colors and some are multi-colored with spots and stripes, some have scars on the outside, some have deep emotional scars that affect their trust levels, some limp, some are extroverts and some are introverts, some are herd leaders, some are very timid and some are extremely assertive, some like to play with balls and stand on boards and jump over barrels,  some are very obedient and even business-like, some like to be very close to humans and others are more cautious of new people.
They are all extremely honest, and you won’t have to wonder what they are thinking about you. They all have special friendships among the herd, and they all know their places in the herd leadership order.  For us humans, observing the herd dynamics and social structure is quite a learning experience in itself.  But then, during our equine assisted learning sessions, we place ourselves in with a few of these incredible horses and really begin to realize some things about our own communication styles and personalities.
Once we learn to communicate nonverbally with horses, and then apply what we learn from horses to our human relationships (both business and personal), we WILL be safer, happier, and more successful in life.