Sunday, February 22, 2015

information for our be in AWE horsemanship program, for 2015

It's not too early to get signed up and get your preferred days/times locked in.
when you are comparing per hour programs, remember that our sessions are two hours.
any questions just call 359-0961. thanks.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Need some help with horse chores, either volunteer or paid part time

We have some chore shifts available for volunteers or part-time paid employee. possible days/times are these: Saturday any time for 2-4 hours. Sunday a couple of hours starting around 8 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 2 or 3 hours in a.m or early afternoon. Wednesday afternoon or early eve. If you don't have this type (horse chores) of experience, you will start out cleaning stalls & pens. We will teach you. No previous experience required. If you know how to drive tractors, know types of ...hay and how much to feed, and/or are comfortable with a herd of 17 horses to lead them around and put them in stalls at grain time, etc., you could do more. We're getting ready for our Horsemanship program to get busy again, and we need extra chore help during that time. Volunteers may be able to trade chore help for horsemanship sessions too!!! Even beginners. you can call Darci 605 359-0961. thanks!

AQHA Collection Tex Tan Hereford Reining saddle for sale, also a Crates saddle

We have a couple of saddles for sale. One is very special and rare. It's an AQHA Collection textan / Hereford Reining Saddle. It's 20 some years old but hasn't been used much and seems to be in excellent shape. seat size is 15-15.5 and I believe it is full quarter horse bars. The other one is a Crates western saddle and it's been used a lot for trail riding. dark oil. maybe 16 inch seat and again I believe full quarter horse bars. You may come and see them, and we can put them on a horse for you to check out that way if you want. Would like to get $700 for the Reining saddle, and $400 for the Crates. But will consider all offers. Thanks. You can call me if you want to come and see. Darci 605 359-0961. We're near Crooks, SD, about 20 minutes NW of Sioux Falls.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Handy form for making donations/sponsorsing

You may use this form to donate to help feed and care for our rescued horses who live here. There are options for you to choose if you want to help a certain horse or program or if you want your donation to be anonymous, or if you want it to be in honor or memory of someone or beloved horse or pet. New for 2015 is an option for you to make your donation a DoubleHP Double-Duty Donation. 100% still goes to the horses. But when you choose this option and show your support for our equine-assisted learning & psychotherapy program, our Manager Darci Hortness (who is EAGALA certified, Equine Specialist), will volunteer her time to co-facilitate sessions for Military service members & Veterans, at risk Youth, and abuse Survivors. And you may choose a certain population if you want to. For every $50 donated as a DoubleHP Double-Duty Donation, Darci and the Horses of DoubleHP will donate their time for one session. We will work in cooperation with appropriate Referring Agencies and Mental Health Professionals. But 100% of your donation will stay here, with the Horses of DoubleHP. Your donation will not be used to pay Counselors. We heard you loud and clear, and your donations will stay right here, with the horses. 100%. To pay for their feed and care.

(we had some feedback re: our sponsorship ideas and the form we were displaying specifically to fund our new EAGALA program. Most of our long-time supporters do not want a portion of their donation money going to pay Counselors. We get it! We completely understand! We are here for the horses. Have always been, will always be.)  So, now, you can still support our equine assisted / EAGALA program by just saying you support it. I (Darci) will donate my time to facilitate a session if you make a donation of $50 or more to help feed & care for our rescued horses.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We're open for business for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning

Carissa Palmberg Counseling and DoubleHP are open for business for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning. For more information or scheduling, call Carissa 308 830-0247 or Darci 605 359-0961. Sessions are held at DoubleHP / New Hope Horse Shelter near Sioux Falls / Crooks South Dakota. Here are some snippets from Carissa's website. Click on these photos to enlarge and read better. There is info. here about services, types of counseling available, and cost estimates, etc.

here's some more info. , at this link:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Rescued Horses Share "Peace" all across the Nation
"Peace" from the Horses of DoubleHP

Each year for the past several years, Jet and Princey's "Peace" card is a bestseller in our Zazzle store. This year was a record-breaker. Nearly 500 of them sold. I don't know if you could still order them, get them, and send them out in time for Xmas this year. But Zazzle will send them out individually for you if you want to join in. Otherwise, really, we use these cards for everything year-round. What's wrong with a little "Peace"! You know?
It never surprises us that our rescue horses send "Peace" to so many people throughout the nation and also in other countries. Special thanks to the people from New Mexico who called and talked to me about our horses, AND ordered lots of the cards. And also the people from Kentucky who set a new record on amount ordered. Thanks everyone. Thanks Jet and Prince. "Peace

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Unbridled Beauties of DoubleHP 2015 Calendars are ready for you to order!

Today, our 2015 calendars are 50% off through our Zazzle store.

Use that link above the photo to go to your Zazzle store. Make sure you use the promo code listed to get 50% off the calendars. When you go to our store, you will be able to see all of the months/pages/photos. When you zoom in on them you may see some copyright watermarks. Don't worry, those won't really be on your calendars. There are 3 different sizes. one is small enough to fit in your purse. I think those pages are 5X7 or close to that. The huge ones are huge! Pages/photos are 11X14. At half price, they cost $10-$15. Kind of spendy I know, but they are beautiful. And all the money we make in our Zazzle store helps our sanctuary horses. Zazzle will send our store items for you anywhere you want them to go. Enjoy!